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Park Lightening Initiative

It's hard to overstate how important parks are when you live in a city.Getting back to nature, sitting on the grass, being able to see some distance without your view being interrupted by buildings and being able to run around or just relax outside is essential for human beings.
However all this can be fruitified when a park feel secure, RWA 46 is on a mission to to make these parks secure by reducing or eliminating the dark spots in a park.

Recently RWA 46 installed two poles of LED High Mast Lights and 360° Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera in Adarsh Park.
Adarsh Park receives a large number of crowd daily and it was not secure because of dark spots and improper lightning, however the problem stand corrected and security stand improved.
Our effort was appreciated by various news agencies.
Also RWA out of its own funds installed High Mast Light in Swami vivekananda Park  , We met the residents of nearby pocket and after understanding their concerns regarding security undertook the said responsibility.
And this is to inform you we are further extending this mission and next sunday we are installing lights in two more parks
These Parks are -
1.Sir chhotu ram park
2.Rabindranath tagore park
Lets make a dark zone free sector.


Tree Plantation Mahotsav Continued

We Thank You all for participating in large numbers for Paudha Ropen Drive. We planted 100 plants of Neem, Jaamun, Shisham, Bamboo, Peeple.

Now let's pledge our allegiance for saving them and nurturing them .

Below are some glimpses of the event.


Community Center Sector 46 now transferred to RWA 46

This is to congratulate you that Community Center Sector 46 has finally been transferred to RWA 46 and with the said transfer RWA 46 has become the first RWA (on 6th July 2017) in Gurugram to be given the responsibility to maintain community center.
Currently Community center is in a bad condition however we will improve its condition and its aesthetics within 4 months so that when you book it for functions you do not face any difficulty.
We are posting some current pictures of Community Center and will send some after 4 months.
Raj Kumar Yadav
RWA Sector 46


Sewerage Problem a major issue

After many efforts we were provided with sewer suction machine to solve the problem, we will continue our efforts to permanently solve the issue in coming months.

Whats New

About this page. On this page we would be including latest news about our sector and New prospects which the RWA sector 46 gurgaon is taking.

RWA Appreciated for its efforts

Free WIFI, Library, And CCTV Cameras Launched

This is to put to your learned notice that RWA Sector 46,Gurugram has initiated certain services for the progress of sector 46 on the idea of Digital India and for furthering the advancement of residential center which can prove as an ideal for other societies and governments.

The Services inaugurated are as follows-

Free WIFI Services,(In 3 parks of Sector 46)

Sector 46 is becoming the first residential sector in Haryana to sport Free Wifi Services, a promise which many governments promised but failed to fulfill, RWA Sector 46 without any support from government has started the services.

“CCTV MUHEEM” – RWA Sector 46 started this initiative understanding the need of security which must be kept in a residential sector, currently sector 46 is installed with Number Plate Reader Cameras and High Quality Camera to cover different spots and all main entries in sector 46, a step which every government must take at a much bigger level to ensure the security of residents and most importantly women.

“Community Library”

Gurgaon or as so renamed “Gurugram is a hub of high tech companies, a plethora of pubs, bars and restaurants, but the area which is most important for personal as well as societal and further for a national development is simply a area in which one can sit and study, or can work on assignments with various books at hand, is a library, However the said service as simple it may seem is very scarce in all of gurugram .
Keeping in mind the above need RWA 46 has built a “Community Library”

All these Services have been initiated without any help from Government. And this serves as a motivation for our whole nation that if we want we can change our circumstances by ourselves without any help or dependency on authorities.

The event was attended by V. Umashanker, IAS, Commisioner, MCG
Gaurav Antil, HCS, Joint Commisioner, MCG
who inaugurated the said service.

Raj Kumar Yadav adressed to the Commisioner various issues which are being faced by sector 46 -

- Blocked Storm Water lines which leads to drowning of sector 46 in monsoons.
-Sewer Problem
- Need of carpeting 18 meter roads

Commisioner appreciated RWA 46 for their efforts in bringing the revolutionary free services to sector 46.

On the issues Umashankar Ji replied as follows -
- Storm water pipelines will be cleaned and new pipelines will be insterted after this monsoon(in areas lacking the facility of storm water pipelines).
-Sewer Problem, there is only one suction machine and another is being repaired furthermore two other suction machine will be emloyed in Gurugram to tackle the issue of sewer overflow and blockage.

Large no. Of residents joined the event and appreciated RWA's effort stating that their RWA has been working continuously without support of government and they have set an example when people want they can bring the change

Voice of Sector 46

RWA 46 with association from India News Haryana organized an event to uncover sector related issues through the medium of a show called *Voice of Gurugram* 
In the program spokesperson of leading party BJP, And parties in opposition, Congress and INLD took to the stage and were countered by Raj Kumar Yadav, President RWA 46, who represented sector 46.
Residents also participated majorly in the event and presented their problems however the spokesperson of the leading party did not give any satisfactory reply or proposition.
We believe this show will reach various authorities and other respected dignitaries who are still sleeping and atleast will be a hurdle in their sleep.
Because its time to wake them up show them what are their responsibilities and duties and governance is beyond asking for votes.

Irresponsibility of Private Societies

We will like to raise the issues how the private socities after selling all the flats become irresponsible to conduct their duty of maintenance of these socities.
A such incident came to our knowledge recently as we came across the people's grief of SL -III as their main park is deprived of proper lightening, and was full of dark areas which after sunset provided ocaassion to anti-social elements to commit unscrupulous activities. 
Several applications were made to Ansal but all ended im vain.
However when RWA 46 came across this we installed(Yesterday, 15th May 2017) sodium lights in their park ( The President, Raj Kumar Yadav, in his personal capacity sponsored such lightening system)
We congratulate Residents of Sushant Lok at the same time this issue must be raised through highest mediums so that these private socities understand their duties.
Also we must also get together and help each other for development of Gurugram.


This is to congratulate you that we have re-initiated the successful programme of *RWA Aapke Park*
This is a programme which we launched in our earlier days and received much aapreciation for the same.
The highlight of this initiative are as follows- Every week we will go to a pocket and will meet the residents of that particular pocket in a park.
-we will discuss the problems faced by them and will adopt measures to correct them.
-we will welcome their suggestions and implement them for development of sector 46

If people cannot reach us then we must cater to their needs at their door steps.

For the furtherance of initiative stated above yesterday we met residents of pocket near Chotu Ram Park (opposite house no 1456)
Their were some issues (lightening, beches, etc) regarding the said park and we supplied the benches with immidiate effect and have comitted to correct the remaining issues within 10 days.


Road Carpeting Started

This is to congratulate you that the work of Road Carpeting has been initiated today.(14th may 2017)
Work was inaugrated today by RWA along with XEN, SDO,JE.
Kind Regards

RWA appreciated for helping other sectors

Green Belt Development Programme

दिनाकं 02/05/2017 को RWA सैक्टर 46 गुरूग्राम व मानव रचना स्कूल सैक्टर 46 गुरूग्राम के स्कूल के बच्चो द्वारा ब RWA द्वारा सैक्टर 46 की ग्रीन बैल्ट मं पोधा रोपन किया गया मानव रचना स्कूल के साथ मिलकर सैक्टर 46 गुरूग्राम की ग्रीन बैल्ट को डब्ल्प करने का काम किया जा रहा है जिससे कि सैक्टर 46 गुरूग्राम को साफ सुथरा ब हरा भरा व साफ सुथरा बनने।लगा है 
राजकुमार यादव 
आर० डब्लू० ऐ० 
सैक्टर 46

Innaugration of Police Thana

On 8th may, RWA 46 participated in inauguration of Thana Sector 50 which has been opened in sector 46.
Many dignitaries like DCP- Deepak Shoran
ACP - Anil Kumar
SHO - Thana Sector 50 - Surendra Phogat 
SHO Sector 38 - Vijay Kumar 
ANd many others were also present.
The opening of the said thana will work towards making sector more secure.


Bhandra is a very  important part of our lives it is the phase or event in which we thank god for his blessings and offer food to everyone as a sign of service and humanism.

RWA 46 is keenly involved in the practice of Bhandara and we practice the habit every sunday, so as to bring all of sector 46 together to work in some way towards it or for enjoying the Prasad.

Below are the glimpses of the recent bhandara.


Adhar Card Camp

As our government in its every policy has somewhere given role to Adhar Card for implementation of various schemes and availing different benifits, realising its importance RWA 46 in the past also has organised various Adhar Card Camps with a motto of 100 percent registration for Adhar in sector 46 and nearby areas.

Another Camp was organised to achieve the motto which was a success with large no of people taking benifit of it.



Deepawali ("lets spread some happiness")


Dear Residents,

 RWA 46 distributed clothes to people and wished them happy deepawali  who are silently work for our sector. Who are a part of our every new mission.

These people are

Safai Karamcharis,

Sewer Cleaners,

street light workers,

security guards

deepawali is the festival of greeting everybody, sharing happiness and  thanking people who are important to us. And yesterday was a small gesture of doing so.

Below are the glimpses.

Dusshera Festival Celebration

Dear Residents

Dusshera Mahotsav was celebrated by all of sector 46 where we all gathered together and enjoyed the Mela, cultural activities and Ravan Dahan
Children presented some exquisite performances which was awarded by RWA by giving them coupans for food stalls.
Large no of people gathered to witness the same and enjoyed the mela, the food stalls and finally the ravan dahan.

Also RWA made a very imp 
announcement that wi fi will be provided free of cost in several of the parks
The steps which many govts promised and failed to deliver.
We welcome your to a much advanced sector 46.

Below are some some facts about the festival and in the end some glimpses of celebration are shared.

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, is a major Indian festival celebrated on the tenth day of Ashvin month according to the Hindu calendar. This day falls in the month of September or October. The day culminates a 9 day fasting period of Navratri in the Hindu culture. The day also coincides with immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga. The day is celebrated to commemorate the killing of Ravana by Lord Rama. The day also celebrates the killing of demon Mahishasur by Goddess Durga. Dussehra celebration spreads the message of the victory of good over sin.

It is believed that the celebration of Dussehra started in the 17th century, when the king of Mysore ordered the celebration of the day on a grand scale. Ever since, the day is celebrated with great fervor and energy. There are a lot of mythological tales associated with the day. According to Ramayana,

Ravana was killed by Lord Rama on this day as revenge against the cruel act of kidnapping Goddess Sita by the former. Mythology also has it that Goddess Durga killed demon Mahishasura after a long spell of cruelty and oppression by Mahishasura. Another story associated with the origins of this day is the raining of gold coins. After Kautsa asked King Raghu for 140 million coins to give an offering to his Guru in return for his knowledge, Raghuraja went to Indra for help who then asked Lord Kuber to rain coins on the city of Ayodhya. After giving 140 million coins to his Guru, Kautsa distributed the rest to the people of Ayodhya.

Largely, the day is celebrated to commemorate the prevalence of good over evil.

Fogging Session Completed

RWA organized fogging session with support of Manav Rachna International School and Mr. Mohan Shekhawat ,
We thank them for their support and for helping to eradicate mosquito born disease from our sector.

Below are some facts and importand information about chikungunya-


Chikungunya can circulate with the help of monkeys, birds and cattle, but dengue spreads only through mosquitoes

Chikungunya was first reported in 1952, during an outbreak in southern Tanzania. It has now been identified in 60 countries including those in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and others. Listed in the World Health Organization’s R&D Blueprint (2016), the recently established Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations has it on their agenda to develop a vaccine for Chikungunya, along with other diseases such as MERS, Ebola and others.

What are the symptoms?

Abrupt onset of fever and severe joint pain. There can be other symptoms such as muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash – that is, small red spots all over the body. The joint pain can be severe and sometimes prolonged. The disease does not induce immunity by itself and can recur.

The word Chikungunya, derived from the Kimakonde language which is spoken by the indigenous people of southern Tanzania, itself means that which is contorted. It refers to the contorted position taken by people when they are affected by joint pain.

How is it transmitted?

It is transferred from human to human by mosquitoes. The females of Aedes Aegyptii and Aedes albopictus are the main species of mosquito that spread the disease. These mosquitoes bite through the day.


How is it diagnosed? What are the tests that must be performed and how?

IgM titers – a way of measuring the rising level of, or concentration of, antibodies in the blood, which quantifies the body’s response to an active infection - are what are tested in the blood. More specifically, the blood test that doctors ask for is called the RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) but it may not be available, so doctors test the drop in the number of leucocytes in the blood because of the viral infection.

The blood tests are repeated and a constant watch is kept on the blood count. If it drops, it is better to be under medical observation. At this stage, the doctors’ guidance is crucial.



What is the treatment?

There is no vaccine for chikungunya. Treatment is mainly symptomatic – such as giving painkillers to relieve the joint pain – using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are not asprin-based. Drugs are mainly analgesics and antipyretics. The patient is advised to take fluids.

Any preventive methods?

Avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. Keep the surroundings clear of stagnant water or pools where mosquitoes can breed. Use mosquito nets and close windows in the evening to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

How does it differ from dengue?

Chikungunya can circulate with the help of monkeys, birds and cattle, but dengue spreads only through mosquitoes. While for dengue the symptoms subside in about 15 days, for Chikungunya the symptoms can prolong for 3-6 months. While Chikungunya’s main symptoms are high fever and excruciating joint pain, dengue manifests with high fever, drop in platelet count and rash.

With Best Regards
RK Yadav
RWA 46

Fogging Completed

Boundary Wall

Boundary Wall

Many Congratulations our efforts and your support have paid off govt  finally agreed to our demand of building a boundary wall for our sector the work was initiated with Bhumi Pujan on 15-september-2016 by the hands of

RK Yadav President RWA 46

And all RWA Team

Residents of Sector 46

Also HUDA Administrator Yashpal Yadav

XEN R.S.  Bhishnoi (CIVIL HUDA)  were among the dignitaries present.

Total Length of boundary wall after completion: 4KM

Due Date of completion : 15th March 2016.

Height : 5 feet

Boundary wall was among our prime necessity, as our sector is open from all sides which made it vulnerable on the security aspect, also controlling stray pigs etc was very difficult because there is numerous entrances to our sector. After completion all these problems will be solved to major extent.

Below are some glimpses of the event.


Janmashtmi Festival


We celebrated this janamamshtmi festival this year with utmost joy. The event comprised of dance performances by children who were later awarded by RWA 46.

Also Bhajan Sandhya was organized in shiv mandir, the bhajans were performed by very famous mandli specially called from Mathura, this was enjoyed by the residents who emerged in very large no’s to be a part of this holy event and filled it with positivity which purified our souls.

Then event finally ended by Prasad and charnamrit distribution.

Independence Day Celeberation (15th August 2016)

Independence Day, is observed annually on 15 August is a national holiday in India commemorating the nation's independence from the British Empire on 15 August 1947.

Many Sacrificed their lives for the cause and we owe living in a free india to their efforts.
For saluting our freedom fighters like every year National Flag was Hoisted many residents came and celebrated Independence Day their big family of sector 46.
After hoisting prasad was distributed.

Tree Plantation Mahotsav

RWA 46 is pleased to announce that we by support of NN Foundation organized Tree Plantation Mahotsav, a festival which will run in coming weeks and we will plant around 500 trees eventually.
We need air to breath, to live , but what to do when the air giving you life , gives you life threatening diseases.
According to studies it is shown that average life span of of human living in delhi and ncr is reduced by 6 years.
Because of the above question and statement we were inspired to do tree plantation to live a sustainable life and to provide our future generations better living environment.
The first step of the initiative was a big success as large no. of residents gathered to become part of it,further the event was covered by new channels which inspired many other to start a similar programme.


In furtherance of Swatch Sector Abhiyan RWA is removing all the advertisements and other boards from electricity poles.
We have cleared one more pocket and will soon clear all.
We welcome you to a much cleaner sector 46.
With Best Regards

Water Issue Resolved

This is to congratulate you that the water crisis which we were facing is now solved with immediate effect.
The major problem was faced by plot no. 3000's because these plots were heighted and water supply with low pressure always have difficulty reaching there.
But our(RWA's) continuous persuasion and request have paid of and a new pipe line has been attached to the current pipe line for maintaining an adequate supply and giving this problem solution with finality.
We thank With utmost respect and gratitude 
- XEN Civil Mr. RS Bishnoi  
- SDO Mr. Tilak Raj Jhamb
- JE Mr. Malik
Who responded to our requests with utmost priority and took this big decision to our favor.
But at the same time we must not forget water is a very precious commodity.
About 70% of earth is covered with water out of this 97% is salt water and is deficient for human use
The remaining 3 % fresh water which can be put to human use only 1 % is accessible.
These facts are very imp for understanding how precious and scare water is.
We request you to use it wisely and avoid wastage it is also your duty if in your proximity there is water wastage please use persuasion to make the household or construction site understand how precious it is and thus enable them to use water wisely and if still the problem persists please contact RWA so that appropriate action can be taken.
Wastage of water will soon become a offense punishable with fine of Rs 2000 and imprisonment up to 3 months as government is proposing the same.
"Use water wisely "


This is to bring to your notice that we TOOK action (in form of peaceful protest ) to shut down the wine shop opened in sector 46.
Sector 46 is one of the biggest sectors with more than 5000 families 
And this wine shop is disturbing peace and harmony of our sector.
We already have wine shops very adjacent to sector 46 (in sector 47, in sector 39, sector 40 etc) and we are receiving several complaints when drunkards and anti social elements disturb our residents specially women. Wine shop in sector 46 is multiplying these problems to a far greater extent.
It is indeed an irony that on one hand different government after knowing ill effects of such shops in their territory are banning alcohol in totality and on the other gurgaon after already having high number of wine shops is allotting new ones.
Isn't it a hypocritical approach of Government of Haryana that on one hand name of gurgaon is changed to GURUGRAM for securing our traditions and on the other hand excise policy is further relaxed to allow wine shops at every corner.
We further want to discuss that we are not violating anyones fundamental right to trade and profession as Supreme Court have time and again clarified that liqueur is an intoxicating and depressant drink which is dangerous and injurious to health and is an article being inherently harmful. A citizen has, therefore, no fundamental right to do trade or business in liquor. Hence the trade or business in liquor can be completely prohibited by state.
Furthermore we have to do a balance of interest one for the person who have opened such shop and other off all sector 46 who will face negative effect of such shop and in no doubts our residents and their united interest are more important to us.
Keeping in mind all these reasons united to protest against this shop with ample support of residents .
"We further request you not to buy any thing from the wine shp lets do a complete boycott"

Meeting With Police Authorities

Dear Resident we met with 

- Sh. Deepak Saharan (DCP)

- Ms. Dharna Yadav (ACP Sadar Gurgaon)

- Vijay Kumar (SHO)

For discussing problems and safety issues of our sector. More than 200 people gathered at a very short notice to meet these dignified authorities we discussed safety concerns which was such a issue in which participation and suggestion of all residents was necessary. We also invited jal vihar RWA and discussed issues like chain snatching, gates on Jal vihar entrance etc.



Free Cholesterol Camp

A free specialised health camp was organized by RWA 46 Previously with team from different hospitals consisting of specialised doctors like dentists, ophthalmologists, gynaecologist, orthopaedic besides general physician, pharmacist and assistant. The health camp was a great success and hundreds of people took benefit of it.

Following the same guidelines ,RWA in collaboration with LABSTREET (a leading diagnostic tests provider in Delhi-NCR)  organized a Free Total Cholesterol Check up Camp. India is a leading hub of sufferers from heart diseases and deaths relating to heart disease and Cholesterol are the major cause because of which heart ailments are caused.

For the above this health was necessary to let people know their cholesterol status.

This camp turned out to be a great success as hundreds of residents took benefit of it below are some glimpses of the health camp.


Holika Dahan and Holi Mahotsav


Family of sector 46 together celebrated “Holika Dahan” and “Holi Mahotsav” together. Festivals like this create a much strong bond between residents and we always have appreciated such celebrations.

Below are some glimpses of the festival.




On 26th January we celebrated Mandir Sthapana Diwas in which  Respected Rao Dharampal joined Sector 46 as chief guest.

The event was initiated through Hawan, after which many children presented performances for our respected chief guest and for our family of sector 46.

Our Respected chief guest was very impressed and he awarded the little performers, RWA also praised the little ones efforts and awarded these children. After the performances the Samman Samaroh was initated in which people who have contributed to Mandir  through donations of rs 50,000 or more, or people who were very active for social causes and all previous(including current) President of RWA were presented with Samman Award.

Our Chief Guest liked the aura of positivity and unity which our sector displayed and he also did a generous contribution to RWA Mandir Committee with Rs 51,000.

Later Bhandara was initiated and it brought a pleasant culmination to the event.




RWA celebrated 26 January our republic day by flag hoisting in the Community Center. Many residents joined the event and also took the pledge for Swatch Sector Swatch Bharat. And in the end Prasad was distributed to culminate the event.




For 3 consecutive weekends Adhar camp was organized by RWA starting from 16th and 17th January 2016(Saturday and Sunday) this camp  was a major success as many people(nearly 500 people) not only from sector but from other areas also registered themselves for making the Adhar card.




RWA invited Huda authorities to sector for discussing the problems in person and for providing a platform to residents for directly discussing their issues with the authorities.

On 14th January 2016 RWA had the meeting with the authorities in presence of many residents, the meeting was held in community center. In the meeting residents shared their problems directly to the authorities to which authorities affirmed that the issues will be solved very soon.



                                                                                        LOHRI FESTIVAL

Our big family of sector 46 this year celebrated the festival of lohri together which was beautifully coordinated by the efforts of some residents who took a step further and came forward to organize the festival.

The festival was covered by news reporters, below are some glimpses  of the festival.



Our sector is biggest sector in gurgaon still there were no public toilets anywhere in the sector and this posed as great problem majorly for the shopkeepers and merchants of market because they had no place to ease themselves.

RWA saw it as a big issue which needed to be solved and as a measure to overcome this we inaugurated new toilets for men and women on 09-01-2016.

And this issue was thus taken care of.


Swatch Sector Saturdays




From now on Saturday in Sector 46 is Swatch Sector Abhiyan Day. We are taking the initiative to clean our sector by ourselves.

This mission will eventually cover whole of sector 46, each Saturday we would go to a pocket/area and clean that. We all need your support all who want to take part in the initiative please come in large no. to the area designated for each Saturday.

Till now we are done with 4 Saturdays, and every Saturday has been a new venture all together, large no. of people are joining us to be a part of the initiative. We thank every resident who are aware enough to take this initiative with sincerity and utmost dedication.

At the same time I also request residents who have not followed this initiative to be part of this. 


Deepawali ("lets spread some happiness")


On this deepawali RWA gifted various people working on the ground level for beautifying our sector as Mali’s, Sweepers, and Sewer cleaners with Kambal and sweets.

Mandir Pujari was also gifted with kambal and sweet.




Dusshera Festival

RWA organized Dusshera Mahotsav which was a huge success as thousands of people enlightened the festival with their presence.

The festival gave us a glimpse of own self when we were children as many stalls of delicacies and toys were arranged for children and everybody enjoyed it.

The function started from Rath yatra which started from Shiv Mandir and eventually reached Community Center where the later part of event was organized

The event came to end with “RAVAN DAHAN”.

This function gave us picture of sector 46 when we all were together as a big family and we hope that we celebrate every festival like this. 


Janmashtmi Festival


We celebrated this janamamshtmi festival this year with utmost joy. The event comprised of dance performances by children who were later awarded by RWA 46.

Also Bhajan Sandhya was organized in shiv mandir, the bhajans were performed by very famous mandli specially called from Mathura, this was enjoyed by the residents who emerged in very large no’s to be a part of this holy event and filled it with positivity which purified our souls.

Then event finally ended by Prasad and charnamrit distribution.




RWA General Body Meeting

This is to inform you that on 19/07/2015 we held a General Body Meeting after the completion of tenure of 3 months by the current RWA Sector 46 Gurgaon

This Meeting was held to discuss the details of working of RWA Sector 46 in the last 3 months and to resolve and further discuss issues concerning our sector.(Our work operations in the last 3 months are discussed on this page)

- One of the issues which was discussed was concerning the Boundry Wall of Sector 46, as we all know that a boundry wall could provide a solution for our one of the main problems that is Security of our sector. RWA is in formal correspondence with XEN and other HUDA authorities, letters have been sent from our side detailing the need of boundry wall in our sector.


- The most Important issue which is of most concern was also about Security of Our Sector. The issue was about collection of funds from the members as to pay for the salary of security guards, as we all know 4 security guards have been employed by RWA Sector 46 from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. RWA is paying salary to these security guards from our Funds, this is the major cause of rapid depletion of RWA funds and it was becoming difficult to further keep this services running.

One thing was of surity and we all agree to it that security of our sector cannot be compromised.

For it after discussion in the General Meeting a Resolution was passed that a nominal sum would be charged per house for keeping the services upright and running.

The Sum finalized is given below -

Rs 100/- only will be charged per month from every house as funds for Security.

The amount can be paid in Lump sum also which is Rs. 600/- only - For 6 Months.

                                                                                    Rs. 1000/-only - For 1 Year.

the sum saved if any after deducting the salary of such security guards will be used for further improving security features on our Sector.

We all need your CO-Operation for making our sector a much secure place to live.



YOGA DAY (21st JUNE 2015)

This was our latest venture in which RWA Sector 46 organised a yoga day which was welcomed by large no of people around 400 people participated in the event and joined steps with our nation.