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Swatchta Abhiyan

We have to understand that swatchta or cleanliness is not only restricted to slum clearing or grass cutiing it has many aspects and it is taken as a very broad category according to us. And it includes overall development of sector at a general level.

Swatcha abhiyan in sector 46 is tackling problems currently with these aspects:-

·        Slum Dwellings (Jhuggis), Slum Free Sector

·        Congress grass cutting

·        Patch work on roads

·        Water and Sewerage

·        Park Maintenance

·        Street Lightening

·        Cleaning of sites

Slum Free Sector

We have initiated this programme to clear our sector from the menace of slum dwellings and pollution caused by them. People in these dwellings caused great pollution in the sector in the form of feces in open area. Unregulated water and sewage disposal from them was a common breeding ground for many diseases and animals like pig.

Sector 46 has been facing this problem from the starting and recently we have removed jhuggis which were present for more than 8 years recently we cleared them and also a illegal nursery was found which was using illegal water and electricity connection, it was also cleared. It was more a need of our sector which cannot be compromised following a motto which is  “स्वच्छता सर्वश्रेष्ठ”, which means that cleanliness is supreme.


Congress Grass Cutting

Currently our sector has many clear Plots and sites and this become a place for wild grass to grow which does not look good and moreover can be a deceptive home for dangerous animals like snakes etc. This can be dangerous for us and our children. Moreover the ground so covered cannot be utilized for other purposes. So RWA after having keen thought regarded this as a big problem and opted for cutting it as a solution.

Cleaning of Sites

When the congress grass is cut of the site so cleared can be used for making it as a ground for children to play. And it can serve real purposes.


Patch work of Roads

When we formed RWA this year the conditions of roads and streets in sector 46 was disappointing, we talked to the authorities and initiated patch work of roads. In this pits on roads was to be covered. Very soon we would enter into communication with authorities to gift sector 46 with new roads.

Park Maintenance

Sector 46 is gifted with most number of parks in any HUDA sector, RWA with the help of people took the initiative to maintain these parks which increase the beauty of our sector.We talked with HUDA authorities and invited XEN JE and SC to have a look at our parks and suggested them measures to improve it.


Street Lightening

Our sector had issues of improper lightening and fused bulbs we initiated overall correction of this by providing lights on chaurahas and we also responded to individual lights complaints because a well lighted sector is the first sign of development.


Water and Sewerage

We are taking steps to solve water and sewerage problem in our sector and have responded to individual complaints for correction of these problems.


Electricity Problems and Fluctuations

As we all know our sector has been facing this problem now and as we joined our seats we wanted to solve it as much as possible.Currently for avoiding fluctuations we have placed  3 transformers 2 others have been ordered and other are in process.


Security Guards

We have introduced 4 guards, two on gate no 1 and the other two on gate no 2. Only these gates are opened from 10:00pm to 6:00am and every vehicle entering our sector are interrogated for their destination houses. We have ensured that every guard is vigilant in performing their duties.

Health Camp


A health camp was organized by RWA which turned out to be a great success. Doctors from reputed institutions participated in the event. We partnered up with institutions like Paras Hospital Dr Lal Pathlabs and others for free health checkup.

Sugar checkup, Orthopedics, Dietician, Physician, Dentist, Joint Pain Specialist, Gynecologist, Eye testing, Overall health and BMI, Cardiologist. All these and more services were provided.

The Health Camp was inaugurated by Chief Guest Pushpa Bishnoi CMO(Chief Medical Officer) Civil hospital Gurgaon.

The event became a great success with more than 200 residents participating and taking benefit of it.


RWA Aapkey Ghar (Sunday Meetings)

We have introduced a new programme in which on every Sunday we meet the residents of one pocket, we discuss their problems and try to solve their problems and difficulties with practical solutions.

The meaning of RWA is Resident Welfare Association and we have initiated this programme to reach every resident. We are working from the ground level and trying to connect each and every resident in the development of our sector.

And we thank all our residents as this approach of us have been a great success till now.


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