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"Welcome to RWA -46 website, RWA team will work towards achievement of our common goal that is development of our sector. We can only achieve our goals by cooperation and support of our fellow residents.

We assure you that every problem of our residents is of utmost priority .We have to remember that we can develop and improve our sector by following a motto that is हमारा सेक्टर,हमारी शक्ति,हमारी उन्नति "

COVID 19, Together We Fight

Community Centre Renovation


Keep Calm and Go Green

Boundary Wall - Our Sector, Now Secure


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Our Promised Delivered.

We welcome you to our newest venture that is the RWA Sector - 46 website, this is a step in creating a internet personality of RWA as we promised and hence interconnecting each resident online through this website.

Our primary aim/objective for the creation of this website:-

  • Creating an internet identity of RWA.
  • Achieving online connection with people and reaching maximum number of residents which was earlier not possible.
  • Providing easy information about the current activities of RWA and latest news from our sector.
  • Providing Contact information and details of authorities online for problem redressel with ease.

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